Prospectus 2008: It’s Never Too Late

The word “prospectus” comes from two word groups. The first part of the word “pro” is from the word group “per” group meaning “in front of or forward.” The second part of the word “spectus” is from the “spek” word group meaning to “observe and look at.” Hence, the word prospectus is defined as “A formal summary of a proposed commercial, literary, or other venture” (American Heritage Dictionary, pg. 1051).

A book often has a prospectus, which is more often called a forward. The forward is generally written by the author or someone else very familiar with the book and the author. It provides us with an insight, a “forward observation” (prospectus), about what we can expect to find in the book. Similarly major corporations, which publicly trade stock, are required to provide a report of projected earnings for the upcoming year based on a number of variables. It is called a prospectus (a forward look at what their shareholders can expect in the New Year).

What is the prospectus for the Gardendale church in 2008? What “forward look” do we want to provide for people regarding the Gardendale church in 2008?   I want to suggest that we adopt an attitude and a life that reflects the motto: “It’s never too late in 2008.”

If each of us could catch the spirit of those words, we would find ourselves:

Giving more attention to the habit of reading the Bible daily. When we find we have neglected our daily Bible reading we would refuse to surrender to the neglect. To the contrary, we would make a new start each time we lapsed and begin anew to read our Bibles because we know it’s never too late in 2008. I Peter 2:1-3; Acts 17:11

More focused in our spiritual life when we have given into sin’s temptation. Each time we would seek God’s forgiveness and those we have hurt by our sin because we would know it’s never too late in 2008. 1 John 1:9-2:1-2

More sincere about our priorities in serving God. In those periods when we allow the things of this world to occupy the throne of our heart rather than His kingdom we would repent knowing it’s never too late in 2008. Matthew 6:33

Being filled with the fruit of the Spirit as we journey under the shadow of heaven’s grace, longing to be filled with His presence in eternity, we can be a light for those lost in sin. Giving assurance to them that they also may come to know it’s never too late in 2008. Galatians 5:22-25

Paul exhorts those Christians, who made up the church at Corinth with these words: “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold the new has come” (2 Corinthians 5:17). “Behold the new has come” means to catch and hold with the eye – to look at – see the new way of seeing things which Christ has made possible. The past is forgiven each time we grip with our minds eye and hold in our heart the cross. For by means of His death and resurrection Christians always have a new beginning in Christ where the old has passed away. With that in mind we issue this prospectus: It’s never too late in 2008.

—Bill Robinson